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Particularly apt for me today

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Get To Know Me - [1/8] Favorite Pairings

Richard Richard & Edward Elizabeth Hitler

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What did the pirate say when he turned 80

Aye matey

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The Awkward Yeti [website | twitter | facebook]


The Awkward Yeti [website | twitter | facebook]

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season 1 picard: how do we contemplate the powers of the Q being? do we dare oppose it?

season 2-7 picard: get the fuck off my bridge or so help me


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After we finish cleaning up this mess, we will go our separate ways. Our paths will never cross. We will tell this to no-one.

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nicknames/mottos (a more truthful version): countries

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River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

omg the last one he pops up ahjfskghfagskjfkhdjs ahahaha

This is what heaven looks like…

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